About Us


Cork City Childcare Committee was formed in 2001 and set up the Cork City Childcare Company. The Board of Directors has the following representation: Parents, Employers, National Voluntary Childcare Organisations, Statutory Bodies, Childcare Providers and the Community and Voluntary Sectors.

Mission Statement

Cork City Childcare Committee is a partnership which focuses on facilitating and integrating the provision of quality childcare services and facilities in line with recognised childcare principles and guidelines and compatible human resource development objectives. We do this through facilitation, capacity building and the creation of an enabling environment.

Aims & Objectives


  • To contribute to meaningful enhancement and increases in Childcare supply and provision in Cork City
  • To contribute to enhancement of information base in relation to National Childcare Data
  • To establish networks and partnerships which progress the childcare agenda
  • To interact appropriately with Cork County Childcare Committee and other committees with a view to enhancing and promoting childcare in Ireland
  • To adopt complementary approach to other providers in the city to use resources to their optimum
  • To establish and maintain links with the appropriate city and county structures
  • To review and evaluate progress against stated objectives.

Organisation Objectives

  • To establish a credible childcare committee
  • To support the development of childcare in Cork City
  • To support the development of partnerships to develop childcare initiatives
  • To support the development of capacity of all childcare service providers
  • To support the involvement of all interested stakeholders in the future development of the childcare sector in Cork City.

The Staff


Janet Dennehy – Acting Childcare Co-Ordinator E-mail: janet@corkcitychildcare.ie

Tel: 086-4672174

Janet has overall responsibility for the work of the company. Janet’s primary role is to develop and drive through the strategic goals of the company.
Deirdre Pearson – Administrator & Support Officer E-mail: deirdre@corkcitychildcare.ie

Tel: 086-8399186

All the administrative tasks are the responsibility of Deirdre. Deirdre is the first point of contact with the company and will enthusiastically endeavor to assist. She also maintains our website.
Lisa Honohan – Business Support Officer E-mail: lisa@corkcitychildcare.ie  
Lisa works part time to assist childcare groups to develop capacity in financial reporting, taxation and human resource systems. All the finance tasks are the responsibility of Lisa.
Orla Fitzpatrick – Development Officer E-mail: orla@corkcitychildcare.ie

Tel: 086-1429490

Orla is responsible for supporting childcare funding programmes for community providers. Orla facilitates some of the Childcare Networks in Cork City.
Laura Crotty – Development Officer E-mail: laura@corkcitychildcare.ie

Tel: 086-7759921

Laura is responsible for providing information support to Childminders, Parent & Toddler Groups and Parents. She is also responsible for assisting School Age Services in registering with Túsla. Laura also maintains the Cork City Childcare Facebook page.
Cork City Childcare Information  E-mail: info@corkcitychildcare.ie

Tel: 021-4310500

The Committee 

Board Member Name Position on the Board
Lucy Connolly Acting Chair/ Director
Marian Quinn Company Secretary/ Director
Eileen Wedel Treasurer/ Director
Eibhlin Mhic Pharthaláin Director
Advisors Representing
Laura Lynch Cork College of Commerce
Sarah O’ Gorman Barnardos