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Are you a Childminder or thinking of becoming a Childminder In your own home?

  What is a Childminder?

A Childminder single-handily cares for a small group of children, of mixed ages, in the childminder’s own home.

Children are welcomed as individuals; they are offered affection and respect and their developmental and recreational needs are met. Childminders offer a flexible service, tailored to each child, thereby helping parents and guardians to balance their work and family commitments. A childminder negotiates and agrees her/his terms with parents. The child’s welfare must be the prime consideration of the childminder.

Childminders have sole responsibility for the health, safety and wellbeing of each child entrusted to their care.

If you are considering becoming a childminder in your own home, please contact Cork City Childcare Committee on (021) 4310500 and ask to speak to a dedicated Development Worker that can help you with the process.

Cork City Childcare Committee offers a supportive and dedicated information and support service to childminders and those interested in setting up a Childminding Business in the Cork City area.

A variety of consultations, such as Phone, Email, online or Face to face meetings are available to Childminders or potential Childminders to support you in exploring the following:

  • General start-up information
  • A Guide to becoming a Childminder
  • An overview of the Tusla registration process / Voluntary notification process
  • Insurance requirements
  • Garda vetting
  • Information on qualifications, funding, and current training opportunities.
  • The Childminding Development Grant

A planned meeting with a dedicated Development worker can also offer opportunities to request a Childminder Development Pack and support to explore the following:

  • Sample Policies and Procedures
  • Sample Record Keeping Forms
  • Guidelines on Planning a Childminding Business in your own home
  • Access to dedicated training courses designed to meet the needs of Childminders in the Cork City area.


What is The National Action Plan for Childminding (NAPC)?

The National Action Plan for Childminding is a pathway to be developed over the next 8 years that sets out steps towards regulation, support, and subsidies, for all paid, non-relative childminders. The Action Plan will involve change and significant benefits for childminders, children and the families using their services.

 The aim of the Action Plan is to provide greater recognition for childminding and to support childminders in their work of providing high quality early learning and care and school age childcare, thus supporting child development, and learning outcomes and helping families

The new childminding webpage is available here: www.gov.ie/childminding. On the website you can find the following information:

  • National Action Plan for Childminding (2021 to 2028)
  • Information for childminders & Parents on the National Action Plan for Childminding (2021 to 2028)
  • Guidance for Childminders during Covid 19
  • Access the NAPC Facebook page: here
  • Access the NAPC YouTube channel: here

The Childminding Development Grant

Every year the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY) provide funding for Childminding Development Grants (CMDG). The CMDG is a capital grant of up to €1,000 to assist existing or potential childminders to enhance safety and quality in the service, through the purchase of small capital items, equipment, toys or for minor adaptation costs. Childminders can apply for the maximum grant amount every two years or apply for a partial grant amount in one year and apply for the remaining balance the following year.

The Childminder Development Grant 2022 is now open for applications.

The application form and guidelines can be found at https://www.gov.ie/en/publication/71b16-grants-and-funding-available/

Once complete all applications need to be stamped and signed by Christine your designated development officer for childminders

Completed application forms should then be emailed to Cavan County Childcare Committee at cmdg@cavanccc.ie by close of business 15th July 2022. No applications will be accepted after 15th July 2022.

For more information and support in completing the application call in or email Christine directly on christine@corkcitychildcare.ie

Childminding and Tusla Registration & Inspection:

The Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016  defines childminding is as: ‘a pre-school service …by a person who single-handedly takes care of pre-school children….’

The Child Care Act 1991 has been amended to also include Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) (Registration of School Age Services) Regulations 2018  and childminding services are also defined as:
‘a school age service …by a person who single-handedly takes care of school age children….’

A pre-school child is defined as being under six years of age, and not attending a national school or equivalent. A school age child is attending school.

  • Your childminding service MUST be registered with TUSLA if you are minding more than 6 mixed aged children at any one time.
  • A childminder who is required to register should apply to register as a pre-school childminder if they care for more pre-school children than school age children, and as a school age childminder if they care for more school age children than pre-school children.

However, your Childminding Service is exempt, and you are NOT required to register with TUSLA, if you care for:

  • 3 or less unrelated pre-school children or
  • Pre-school children from the same family only
  • 6 or less school age only children
  • 6 or less mixed age children (provided no more than 3 are pre-school)

For more information on Tusla’s registration requirements for Childminders, for numbers of children minded, click here or for more information on the Childminder Registration requirements see here: Tusla – New Registrations

You can also get in touch with Cork City Childcare Committee, and we would be happy to guide or talk you through the ratios and scenarios where Childminders are expected to register with Tusla.

Childcare Services Relief (Childminder’s tax exemption)


The Childcare Services Relief allows childminders who are Voluntary Notified/Known to their local CCC to avail of tax relief on their childminding income. The Childcare Services Relief is available to childminders who care for 3 children or less in their own home at any one time and earn up to €15,000.

The purpose of the relief is to provide an exemption from income tax, where certain conditions are met, to individuals who provide childminding services in their own homes. To avail of this, childminders should register with Revenue on-line services (ROS).

The main legal obligation when becoming self-employed is that childminders must register as a self-employed person with Revenue. Childminders pay tax on the profits from their business and on any other income that they have.  See Registering for Tax for guidance on registering as a self-employed person.

Additional information and Resources for Childminders

Please see below for a range of dedicated links on information about Continuous Professional Development (CPD) such as First Aid, Children First E-Learning programme, CPD resources, developing quality provision and more.


Get in touch with Cork City Childcare. We are available and waiting to support you in your journey!