As you are aware in keeping with social distancing measures that full FAR training courses as we know it are on hold.  In support of current COVID restrictions, PHECC subsequently approved recognised FAR trainers and training institutions, to carry out the theory element of FAR, online.  Regarding the online theory element PHECC stipulates the below criteria;

  • It is a short term measure only and will be limited to the duration of the current Covid-19 situation.
  • Does not replace the whole course, is for FAR theory element only.
  • Full certification cannot come from this part of the training.
  • Practical’s and assessment element of training should be on hold until the current Covid-19 situation is over.
  • The online session must be live and the trainer must ensure that they can document that participants engaged fully.
  • There will be a limit of participants to 8 as in the face-to-face course

NB: Due to the ongoing pandemic, Tusla and Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) have agreed to extend the time frame to meet the FAR Regulatory requirement to the end of February 2021.

In light of this, the DCYA have approved extension of the FAR reimbursement model for Childcare services up until December 2020 only.  They are also supporting Childcare providers who wish to partake in the online element of this training, partial reimbursement, specific to 2/3 of the normal reimbursement allocation of €225 for full FAR or €175 for Refresher.

One of the key considerations for Childcare providers engaging in the online theory element of FAR, is that they are confident that the training company offering the online theory course, will also be in a position to deliver the practical element of the course in a location that is suitable to the practitioner.

It has been advised that engagement in the online aspect is optional, as some may prefer to hold off until they can return to direct face to face training.

If Childcare providers choose to engage in the online theory training, they will be required to obtain the following evidence for partial reimbursement;

  • Receipt of payment for online theory course element or if they have to pay for full course up front
  • That the company offering the online training can provide an interim certificate/letter as proof of completion of online theory training
  • That the company they choose to do the online training with will also be able to offer the practical part of the course as well as the assessment in a location and at a time that will suit providers

If you have any follow up queries, do let us know.

Thank you for your attention.