Government Funding Programmes

Access & Inclusion Model (AIM)

AIM Website Information

In order to support parents with children with additional needs to access free pre-school, a major new programme of supports, Access & Inclusion Model (AIM), has been introduced. This website contains information for providers of childcare who require Access & Inclusion Model (AIM) supports for a child who is eligible for and participating in the ECCE Programme in an ECCE pre-school room.

Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE)

ECCE Website Information

The Free Pre-School year in the Early Childhood Care and Education Programme (ECCE) is a universal childcare programme designed to give children access to up to 2 years of free pre-school education before they start primary school .

A number of resources for ECCE can be accessed here.

Frequently asked questions for Childcare Providers ECCE can be found here.

National Childcare Scheme NCS

NCS Website Information

The National Childcare Scheme will provide financial support for parents towards the cost of childcare.  It will provide a system from which both universal and targeted subsidies can be provided towards the cost of childcare.

Services in contract with DCEDIY to deliver government programmes are required to administer the programmes through PIP Portal or through the NCS Hive. Services are encouraged to log onto the portal at least once a week for updates.

The most frequently asked questions around the National Childcare Scheme can be found here 

There are a series of helpful videos to help Providers to navigate the NCS Hive, they can be located here.