Parent & Toddler Grant Information 2021

Parent And Toddler Grant 2021

General Information available:

Applications for funding under this scheme should only be made by Parent & Toddler Groups that are organised on a not-for-profit basis and involve the participation of parents in the community. Grants will normally range from €100 to €1,250.  Existing groups can apply for a maximum grant of €800.  New start up groups may apply for a maximum grant of up €1,250. Please be advised that eligible expenditure for P&T groups will be permitted from 9th June 2021

The DCEDIY have announced Revised Parent and Toddler grant guidelines, due to Covid 19 uncertainty for groups the following expenses are allowable for this year:

Funding will be available for:  

  • Toys, equipment and books for indoor and outdoor activities
  • Storage for equipment
  • Training for parents, e.g. paediatric first aid, committee skills, parenting courses
  • Children’s activities, e.g. arts and crafts, music
  • Limited funding will be available towards insurance, rent or minor refurbishment, up to a maximum of 50% of total funding for existing services.
  • Limited funding will be available towards insurance or rent, up to a maximum of 70% of total funding for new services.

Funding will not be available for:

  • Groups operating out of private homes
  • Groups with €3000 or more closing balance in 2020
  • Groups that received funding in 2020 and did not return the Progress Report and receipts for items purchased with last grant
  • Outings, once off events and parties
  • Existing groups who do not submit evidence of appropriate insurance when making their application

Additional Information:

  • P & T Groups should have a Bank Account/Credit Union Account. The money taken at each session, any grants received by the group or money received from fundraising should be paid into the account. It is recommended that spending on the group’s behalf should be paid for by cheque/draft. All transactions involving the group’s money should be recorded and all receipts kept
  • Applications from P & T Groups will only be accepted from groups known to Cork City Childcare Committee, new groups should decide to meet a CCC staff representative prior to application deadline
  • P & T Groups must submit evidence of appropriate insurance.  Please note new groups will have to submit evidence of insurance within the first month of receiving the grant. It is acknowledged that many services who closed due to Covid may no longer have current insurance cover in force. To assist existing groups applying for financial support, it has been decided that the submission of evidence of current insurance as an application criterion will be waived for 2021 only. Proof of appropriate and current insurance be submitted within one month of receipt of grant monies.

How to apply:

  • Please enquire with Michelle Lynch, Development Worker, on 021-4310500 or info@corkcitychildcare.ie  for more information or for an application form.
  • Please ensure that all sections are completed (Application form, Annual Income & Expenditure Account, Progress Report)
  • Simple financial records are important for groups in receipt of grants as they offer protection for all involved however, newly formed groups do not need to provide a financial record until they are in existence for one year.
  • Please ensure the application is signed by 2 committee members.
  • Applicants are required to submit up to date bank statement/credit union statement (no older than 2 months) with their application form.
  • Forward Evidence of insurance with application
  • Forward Evidence of receipts for items purchased with last grant, along with progress report
  • Grant Applications will not be recommended if:  You do not include adequate information, i.e., all sections of the application form must be completed

What Cork City Childcare can do for you? 

Cork City Childcare Committee is available to support anyone wishing to set up a Parent and Toddler group or those currently running one.  We can provide information which promotes the provision of a quality service that runs smoothly and conveniently for all the children and parents attending.  We can assist you in choosing toys and activities which are developmentally appropriate; encourage adult child interactions or we may be able to put you in contact with relevant agencies or organisations.