Recruitment Advertising:

If you would like to advertise a position for your ELC/SAC we can upload it to our dedicated Facebook Childcare Jobs Page here.

Please send us an email: info@corkcitychildcare.ie along with full details of your service, contact numbers and the position that you are advertising for (i.e. qualifications, skills, experience etc.), if you have a poster for the advertisement that would be preferrable.

Other useful websites and platforms for advertising Childcare Jobs or for sourcing employment in the sector are:

*This is not an exhaustive list*

Recruitment and Selection Process:

Please contact Cork City Childcare and we can discuss and support your recruitment process from beginning to end to suit your service’s individual needs.

Pobal have an excellent best practice Recruitment Guide that can be accessed here:


Below, are some further links and publications that will support the recruitment and selection process for the ELC/SAC Service Provider.