Childminder Development Grant 2021

What is it?

The Childminder Development Grant aims to offer incentive, in the form of a small capital grant, to Childminders to enhance and support their awareness of quality childcare.

How much is the grant?

The maximum grant available to a Childminder, who fully meets the criteria of the scheme, is 90% of total receipted eligible childcare expenditure, subject to a maximum grant of €1,000.

How can it be spent?

It is designed to assist Childminders, already providing a childminding service in their own homes.

The following list (which is not exhaustive) gives examples of the different types of costs that are eligible but please consult with your local Childcare Committee if you have queries in relation to eligibility.

  • To enhance safety/quality in the service through the purchase of small capital items
  • Equipment, toys or minor adaptation costs.
  • It may also give financial assistance to new or prospective Childminders with their initial set up costs.
  • Eligible Indoor/outdoor play equipment
  • New Safety items such as; fire blanket, fire extinguisher, smoke alarm, socket covers, cupboard locks, first aid kit, stair gate, fireguard, car seat etc

The final decision on eligible capital items will be at the discretion of Meath Childcare Committee.

How do I apply?

The application for CMDG funding should be completed on the standard application form available from Cork City Childcare and submitted by email to Meath Childcare Committee. Childminders are required to get confirmation from their local Childcare Committee that they are known to the Childcare Committee using the application form provided.

Further support/ Application forms are available from Cork City Childcare via our contact form here or directly by phoning 021 4310500.